A Magazine was produced at Shotley at the end of every Term.  Ganges had three Terms per annum and in 1954 the Terms were:-

Easter Term January 5th to April 13th
Summer Term May 4th to August 17th
Winter Term September 7th to December 14th

Each term was separated by a three week leave period.

I joined HMS Ganges {the Annexe} on the 13th October 1953 one third the way through the 1953 Winter Term and by the time this Magazine was produced I was an 'old salt' of exactly six months service.  I was in the Royal Rodney's, in 12 Mess Long Covered Way as a member of 352 class [sparkers] PO Tel Stan Sydes.  We had 21 boys in the class, but the only names I can recall after 56 years are the following 16:-

Cordon Jack Scott Wallace Binns Hallihan Garrett
Butcher Young Moody Maddocks Graham Morris Dykes
      Pimlott Hargreaves    

 352 was a sporty class and an AC class taking part in many activities. In a moment you will be able to read the Easter Edition 1954 of the Shotley Magazine.  Have a look at Magazine Page [note, NOT pdf page] 44 and in particular to the penultimate paragraph. I and others played water polo for the Division and also relaxed in the cycling club - good fun. We were also musical ! On the next page, Magazine Page 45, you will see a name which might be familiar to you.  I can assure you that this chap was thoroughly decent, not like the other contemporary guy with the same surname ! Moving on to Magazine Page 53, under the sky-pilots section, you may see my name alongside the date 20th December 1953.  Well it wasn't me - I was well and truly on leave many miles distant from the Establishment.  This was the child of Lt Cdr D.O. Dykes OIC Signal School. On Magazine Page 91, that is my mate Alan Tuffs out on the mast's lower yardarm. 

Now the Magazine, along with front and back covers, constitutes a document having no less than 129 pages.  Its contents cover all aspects of Ganges life and not just boys' training. It also has a goodly amount of adverts and shaggy dog stories, but very little information worthwhile recording. Nevertheless, I have produced a pdf file of the whole Magazine which totals 6.9MB @ 300 dpi.  For ease of downloading  I have further divided it into four sections each, irrespective of continuity of story, of roughly equal parts.  You have the choice of how you read the Magazine. You can of course start reading the files as soon as they start to download.







Prior to February 2009 and the commencement of the new website [Oliver Clarke] which abolished <personal cameo's> created by Clive Watts in the original website, and my resignation from the Association because of the Chairman affair, this is what my personal entry looked like

Dykes, Godfrey, (Jeff). <godfreydykes@msn.com>

13/10/1953 - J930735X – {Main} 352 Class - 12 Mess – Rodney.  {Annexe} Beatty Two Mess.  Southsea, Hampshire, England.

Old Ships/Comments:- HMS Tingagel Castle, HMS Tyne [Suez Flag ship 1956], HMS Hare, HMS Apollo, HMS Tiger, HMS London, HMS Rothesay, HMS Adamant, HMS Forth, HMS Stalker, HM Submarine Auriga (Two full commissions 1962-1968), HM Submarines Selene, Turpin, Grampus. HMS Dolphin, Faslane, Whitehall W/T, Lascaris, HMS Mercury, FOST Staff Sea-Rider, FOF2 Staff Sea-Rider, HMS Eagle. Served 30 years until 1983, left as a Fleet Chief Radio Supervisor which many years later became known as a Warrant Officer.  Served as a ‘Fleetie’ from 1975 until 1983. ‘Fleetie’ in charge Lord Mountbattens coffin bearers at London' Royal Funeral  Sept 1979. Won several Herbert Lott prizes for inventions etc. HRH Prince Charles's instructor at HMS Mercury and one of his sea-riders when he was the SCO of HMS Jupiter in 1974 at Portland. Had own business [Limited Company] in London for 20 years - sold up business and home to retire in 2002. Attended first HMS Ganges Association reunion in 2004 at Pakefield - awarded 50 year certificate from Captain Dunlop. Have my own web site [covering many naval matters] http://www.godfreydykes.info