To The Lord Commissioners of the Admiralty

The humble Petition of The Mayor Alderman and Burgesses of the Borough of Falmouth


That your Petitioners have heard with deepest concern of the rumour that it is suggested that H.M.S. Ganges should be removed from Falmouth to Harwich and would urge upon your Lordships the desirability of her being retained in the Harbour of Falmouth where she has been for over thirty years for the following amongst many other grounds.

1.     That H.M.S. Ganges is anchored in the deep St Just Pool absolutely protected from all winds.

2.     That she lies in close proximity to the shore where there are extensive grounds for recreation including gymnasium, football, cricket and lawn tennis.  That in Falmouth there is one of the finest Recreation Grounds in the West including an excellent cycle track which could easily be acquired for the use of the boys.

3.     That there is no similar Ship for the training of boys for Her Majesty's Navy in immediate touch with the County of Cornwall.

4.     That for the training of boys both in sailing and rowing there is no Port equal to the land locked Harbour of Falmouth.

5.     That the salubrious climate and general surrounding of Falmouth make the Port in every way most suitable for the training of boys.

6.     That for recruiting purposes the fact that no less than two hundred and ninety two boys have joined the Ship from Falmouth and its immediate neighbourhood since 1892 speaks for itself, and no doubt this large number of boys joining the Ship is in consequence of her being stationed where she is.  It is extremely doubtful whether these boys would have joined the Navy had the Ship not been in Falmouth Harbour.  There is no reason to suppose that the numbers joining the Ship from Falmouth will fall off in the future should she remain here.

7.     That your Petitioners would suggest that one of Her Majesty's Ships for similar and identical objects namely :- the training and bringing up of boys for Her Majesty's Navy should be stationed at Harwich rather than remove H.M.S. Ganges from her present quarters, especially considering the great demand for men for the Navy at the present time, and the numbers probably to be required in the future.

And your Petitioners will ever pray.

Given under the Corporate Seal of the said Borough of Falmouth this 31st day of July 1899.

J Grose Mayor

John H. Genn Town Clerk