Farings threaded on pole which act aerodynamically when dived.
Insulator Fixed in the fore and aft plane.
Cross section of faring showing
pole hole looking down from tip of
AWO main HF/MF hinged aerial. Hydraulics aerial. Pointed part to stern.
use oil which will not freeze in severe artic
Mast pole and articulation point
radiating element [non broadband] monopole [whip]
end fed quarter wavelength 1.5 to 24 Mhz. The whole run from tip of aerial to articulation
Rated @ 400 watts but vswr very poor and operating was manufactured and had no joints. The
conditions were always very volatile. On sailing a run from the send/receive relay was one     starboard side aft
reading of infinity was achieved, but after a day dived piece  and the joint was made inside the
the reading was often around the 700 k mark. fin.  This was the maintenance point and
When raised at periscope depth, the insulator was was packed with silicone.
just above the water line when calm, but the top
faring often broke water. coaxial cable feed
casing level
pressure hull
NOT TO SCALE wireless office