5th December 1911 - From the Times Newspaper London


ARRIVAL AT FISHGUARD – From our special correspondent – Fishguard Dec 4

Repeat a marvel too often and men cease to marvel at it; yet it may become all the more marvellous by the accumulated force of repetition.  It was a great feat for a steamer in little more than four and a half days.  To repeat the performance 32 times running and all within a twelvemonth is an achievement doubly remarkable; indeed, only a man who has lived in the engine-room of a steamer and knows its huge yet delicately adjusted mechanism can estimate such an achievement at its full value.  The average speed between Daunt’s Rock and Ambrose Channel Lightship of 24.67 westward and 24.66 eastward, maintained through winter and summer, has necessitated the consumption of something like 160,000 tons of coal.  During the year the Lusitania has carried 78,294 bags of mail and specie to the value of $6,820,000 {£1,364,000} and her passengers have numbered over 40,000, on an average of 2,500 per trip.  These facts and figures will only suggest to your readers the character of this immense business of keeping a 32,000 ton liner facing to and fro between Liverpool and New York from one year’s end to the other, and remember that these figures have to be doubled to represent the service continuously carried on by the Lusitania and his sister ship, the Mauretania.   

This last of Lusitania’s 16 crossings has not been by any means her best.  Originally expected at 4 or 5 this afternoon, she informed us by wireless this morning that she could not arrive before 8.30 to 9 at night, and of the 375 passengers expected to land  here 120 resolved to go onto Liverpool, where they can land at 8 in the morning after a comfortable night’s rest and still be in London in the early afternoon.  The special trains from Fishguard  leaving about 11 and reaching London at about 5 in the morning include no sleeping cars.

Only once in the 12 months has the Lusitania failed to arrive before 9.  The complete list of her arrivals in not without interest:-

Jan.  2, 1.15
Jan. 23, 3.30
Feb. 13, 4.55
24, 5.30
May. 15, 6.40
5, 8.45
26,  8.25
July. 24, 6.8
Aug. 14, 9.40
Sept. 25, 8.10
Oct. 3, 4.55
Nov. 13, 8.26

On March 6 and 27, she did not pull in at Fishguard at all due to the high seas running, and on September 8 also she went straight to Liverpool rather than land passengers here at 1a.m. 

It was a few minutes after 9 when the big liner cast anchor outside the breakwater in a drenching rain and half a gale of wind, fortunately blowing off-shore.  All the way she has had a heavy following sea with strong westerly or north westerly wind.  Her runs in miles were:-

Wednesday 17: Thursday 545: Friday 568: Saturday 543: Sunday 531: Monday 523: and to Daunt’s Rock Lightship 80. At the concert on Saturday the collection for Liverpool and New York seaman’s charities amounted to £115. Mr and Mrs Harry Lauder in conversation  with me, said he was as delighted to be back in old England as he had been sorry to leave the New World, where he had a very strenuous time performing in 62 towns in seven weeks.  The Duke and Duchess of Connaught were present at Ottawa.  The Canadians gave him an equally warm reception in Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal.  He opens a weeks engagement at Bristol on Monday.  From Boxing Day until the end of February he will be playing in the Manchester pantomime of Little Red Riding Hood as “Simple sandy Shaw, the lad that pleases.”   Mr W K Vanderbilt, Lord Hugh Grosvenor and Mr Ian Caryll may be added to the list of passenger.