Bisley - near Woking Surrey, the home of the N.R.A. [National Rifle Association]

Unless one is into "guns - small arms", there is very little to write of interest about Bisley,  except that it is nice to know when 'our' team comes first collectively and individually. I am sure that there is much of interest, and by reading some of the rules, I noted that there is such as a thing a wind resistant bullet when fired from a small calibre weapon.  On windy days, and Surrey doesn't escape them {!} @ 600 yards, a strong wind forces a bullet off course and it would be a clever marksman to apply the correct exact offset to hit the target in the centre.

Anyway, whilst searching for something to write about - the navy has always been well represented at Bisley - I found this article in the Times newspaper dated 12th July 1923. Its title attracted my attention 'Navy does well' so read it and then cropped it from the large broadsheet page. It wasn't so much the shooting which caught my attention, but the out-of-shade temperature on the open range that day. Truly, the mind boggles! Remember, the Times is a reliable newspaper whose journalist are known to be experts in their skill scrutinised by shrewd editors before a story gets into the hands of the compositor's.

At 145ºF, assuming as we must, that it is correct, makes a big hole in the official UK 'Met records!

According to the world's weather records, the UK's highest temperature was:-

 United Kingdom
38.5 C (101.3 F) Faversham, Kent 2003-08-10

Kent is well known for its record breaking UK temperatures and on more than one occasion when the sun shines and our dreary country warms up, its Medway towns have hit the ton mark.  Lucky for them,  although personally I would prefer the low 80's as being more comfortable.

Here is that Times Newspaper article - click on the thumbnail twice:-