Royal naval communication transmitter's and receiver's 1950-1970 {approx} period.


Hi, I wrote this page many moons ago in 2003 whilst reminiscing!

In 2005 I joined the staff of volunteers at the then HMS Collingwood Museum of Radar and Communications - that's W/T and not V/S!

In 2006 I started to write that Museum's new web site, and on that site, I included every piece of equipment  that the navy had every had in these two departments to date 1985, a year in which all equipment's and handbooks which had become time-expired were in our Museum premises [somewehere?].  At that time ICS3 was in the fleet and all previous systems had become 'technical dinosaurs', all except for that fitted in some elderly Type 42 destroyers, hanging on waiting for the Type 45 destroyers to become operational.  The same applied to radar, both navigational radar and weapon radar, manifest in the peculiar shape of the superstructure of the 45's!

From the date that website was launched, all data on this page and on the Bygone Days [Transmitter] page, was superseded and rendered pointless.

That website is still extant, although in 2015 the Museum had a name change, from that stated above to "Collingwood's Historic Collection".  However, by that time, namely 2006 to 2015, the website was well established and it was considered unwise to change the URL, hence, despite it being a "collection" instead of a "museum" the word 'museum' remains as shown below on the link.

So, for any information regarding the title of this page please refer to


Part 2 : Receivers

Now, in view of what is written above,