Now, who comes to mind in the tale I tell in this little animation ?

Here we have an elephant, a friendly and good elephant like the one in the H.M.S. Ganges story.

He assists all with a helping hand and a good community [Association] spirit.  He is even  friendly to asses.  This one is called "GRACE" and represents all the less than good things about the H.M.S. GANGES ASSOCIATION.

But then, this guy gets "up the elephant's nose", treads all over the elephant and then rides rough-shod mounted as the self appointed rider of the ass, and thus leader, of all the asses, supported of course by the elephant.

His incompetence, cockiness, abject arrogance, doubtful morals and self esteem annoys the elephant and it withdraws its support for the ass, and the ass..... mounted on top falls from Grace, bringing down the whole organisation as was. YOU COULD VOTE FOR THAT TO HAPPEN FOR REAL

Fall from Grace I mean !

Can you guess his name ?

He is known as a suer [or is it a sewer] and it is not the first time he has been 'struck off' his high horse [in this case a humble ass] ! 

Would you trust your money or legal business [wills, conveyances, probate etc] with this man, and if you would not, why do you trust him to handle HMS Ganges Association matters ?