What you are about to see is a rarity for a web page.

I have converted a standard Power Point file into a standard HTML web page meaning that you do not need to have Power Point installed on your computer to view it. You will see it and use it as though you were viewing in Power Point mode which will involve you in being interactive, and at your own pace clicking on areas on and within each page as directed just as you would with Power Point proper.

The page contains text, pictures, images, and audio so speakers will be required.

Please be advised that if you click to start an audio presentation you must let it complete and automatically switch off before moving onto the next page. This is absolutely no problem because all the audio presentations except for one, the first one on Page 3, are short anyway. As regards the first it is rather long and of an elderly lady recounting her days with Edith Cavell so sometimes difficult to understand. Don't be alarmed or put-off because I have transcribed her talk with an interviewer into text which you can read on Pages 5 and 6. Just so you can say you heard the voice of one of Edith Cavells nurses, give it a go for a few minutes to see if you can 'tune' your ear to her Irish accent. Then remember to switch it off before proceeding to page 4.

On some of the pages you turn by selection you will see only text and a blank space in the middle screen. Again, this is by design. Just click in the blank space to show the associated picture. On Page 4 ONLY, once open click on the picture to reveal a string of text telling you about what you are seeing.

Because the plates are of a hugely varying and complex sizes, the presentation is not suitable to be used as a slide-show!

  Now, Click on the link below for some of you to refresh your memories whilst others may discovered a story of one of our much loved heroine and patriot. Then choose 'The County of Norfolk' option ignoring all others.!AozTTh6qUO3teyCvDUQ8R4VXoyc