This page and its subjects, guides me in my various non-Ganges research programmes. It is not exhaustive but it leads on to a major page of research on the Complete Environment of HMS Ganges.  Shown here just for interest. My last heading is not a joke or trivial.

a.  Community relations with residents of the village of Shotley Gate.
b.  Associations formed with the village of Erwarton and nearby areas covering the Captains House and senior officers married quarters [Harkstead].
c.  Community relations with other nearby villages, viz, Shotley, Shotley Street, Woolverstone, Chelmondiston.
d.  Interactivity with RHS Holbrook - more tears where shed by homesick boys at Ganges & Holbrook on this tiny peninsular bounded by two large rivers and
     the open sea, than in any other part of the United Kingdom or for that matter, in close proximity European mainland areas.
e.  Associations with areas where boys were granted short leave, viz, Harwich/Dovercourt, Felixstowe, Ipswich.
f.  The organisation of six annual exodus' for three leave periods involving the hiring of civilian coaches/buses, boats to supplement Ganges' pinnace to Ipswich
    and  Harwich main railway stations and the task of the Area RTO and Station Master.
g.  The arrival of and subsequent transportation to Ganges of incoming recruitments to the Annex at five weekly intervals.  The task of the Area RTO and the
     Station Master of Ipswich and Harwich Railway Stations. Hired transportation.
h.  The routine drafting of Boys First Class/Boy Tel and Boy Sig to seagoing units.  The task of the Area RTO and the Railway Station Masters.  RN transportation of kit and ratings
     where possible. Hired transportation.
i.   Confirmation Parties of non-CofE boys - liaison with non conformists churches in Ipswich and Harwich.
j.   Dealings with contracted suppliers of food stuffs; oil and coal; non-food stuff stores/supplies.
k.  The value-basis of the Establishment to the local community in terms of employment, contracted supplies, and support facilities.
l.   The severe loss to the local community when the Establishment 'reduced' and subsequently closed.
m. The value-effect of the Establishment vis-à-vis The Fleet.  Use of Royal Marine Band services.
n.  Sporting associations with south east Suffolk.
o.  Lasting effect on the boys who trained in the Establishment
p.  Value of  RNSQ to the civilian community and to RHS Holbrook.
q.  List of "suitable" landladies in the community [mainly Ipswich] for parents visiting the Establishment.
r.  Specific safeguards and awareness of the needs of the residents of Caledonia Road.
s.  Non naval inspecting authorities.
t.  Assistance to the community [disasters/emergencies] - support with manpower, expertise, accommodation and supplies.
u.  Marks of respect to be paid to local civilians.  Associations with local girls.  Local girls invited to Badge Boy parties etc. Out of bounds areas.
v. Pollution; waste and disposal of; pig farm; external-Establishment cleanliness.
w  Maintenance of roads in and around the vicinity of the Establishment.
x.  Cooperation with Suffolk Constabulary.
y. Shotley Gate married quarters - officers and ratings.
z. Dog fouling was a major problem during my time in Suffolk, even though the population of Shotley Gate was very small. There were no controls in those days and a dog could mess whilst being watched by its owner, only for the owner to continue his walk without any attempt to pick up the mess. People just didn't do things like that back in those days. I can vividly remember my DO's dog pooing outside the DO's office [just off Laundry Hill] when nearby boys were tasked to get rid of the mess. It happened on sports pitches and in many areas of the Establishment. Trouble was that many of the officers had dogs, although I can never remember an instructor having such an animal. I can also remember the climb up and down Bristol Hill to get to/from the pier, watching one's feet most carefully. It was often much better to climb Faith, Hope and Charity and use Signal School Lane to either the gate leading to School Lane and then entry into the main gates, or to skirt around the top of the Rose Garden, double across the quarterdeck and onwards to one's mess down the Long Covered Way.