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As a bonus, I have transcribed the spoken word into a text file which you can download and print to help you enjoy the video. Click here WHAT THEY SAID.htm
Although nothing to do with the Museum, but with the Association, some of the published data is clearly historically wrong.  For example, Captains -  1814 James Spratt Lt Commander [one hundred years TOO SOON for this rank].  Rear Admiral Alexander Hood introduced the half stripe in 1877  for "Lieutenants over 8 years seniority" but it wasn't until 1914 that the title Lt Cdr was used.  Now read  WHAT THEY SAID


I along with others, was present at the Ganges Museum when Anglia TV visited to take some footage of the Shotley Gate area.

It was broadcast by Anglia but most of us missed it, and we plus other Ganges ex boys, were told about the programme on the Ganges Forum.  Fortunately, Anglia had the video on their web page so many could view it and were pleased at what they were promised on the programme. However, it may soon be taken off air and thus the URL to the ITV page will return a "page cannot be found" window. The visit took place between 1000 and 1130 on Wednesday 18th February 2009.

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