Just a point of clarification. The old signal school was known as VICARAGE ROAD and not as I have spelt it in the animated GIF. Have a good look at this page which tells one all about the Signal Schools at Devonport - yes, more than one!


 Thanks for watching.  As you leave [@ the date this page was written], the whole place is in a state of flux.

If you have looked at the lovely backdrop of the Guzz scene, the rolling hills, the green fields and civilities of the lovely west country, you will realise why they [the navy] sent all Yorkshire Dalesmen to the Guzz division. Our outlook, despite being many miles from the coast, was similar. Over and above all that, Guzz was the QUALITY naval port, a port of gentlemen, whereas Pompey and Chatham had the "also rans" of the fleet.  I was bitterly disappointed when, on volunteering for boats, I had a Port Division change from Devonport to Portsmouth, simply because all submariners had, as their almer mata, HMS Dolphin [or as we submariners always said Blockhouse] which was subservient to the Pompey regime, so hence the letter 'P' in our official number.

Now, why JAGO's and why GUZZ ?  Look here for the answer THE_PLYMOUTH_COMMAND