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The alternative picture is that of HMS Enchantress in 1912, a 4000 ton Admiralty Yacht used by the First Lord of the Admiralty [note, not the Sea Lords or the Civil Lord]  as his private yacht, although the Prime Minister, Asquith hitched a jolly ride quite often to get out of Downing Street. In 1912, the first Lord was none other than WINSTON CHURCHILL who arrived off  Shotley's Admiraty Pier to pay a visit to Shotley Barracks where he took the ceremonial divisions salute.

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Changing subject but still staying nautical whilst recognising everyday terms, whereby a TOP HIT means the object under consideration is the very best!  Agree? 
If we add a word to these two words,  we can isolate a specific object, organisation or a person, for example top hit band - top hit arsenal or better still, pompey - top hit motor car and so on. In this case, I am, because of my oggie oggie oggie naval connection, going to add  'Lighthouse' for two reasons, one being that when in West'o waters, I enjoyed seeing the 4th Eddystone Lighthouse, but more importantly, courting on Plymouth Ho in the summer months under the shadow of a fellow Yorkshireman's now terra firma lighthouse, namely Smeaton's third Eddystone Lighthouse. Another name for a light house, albeit in French,  is PHARE, so, it's:-


To some of you ex Ganges boy's, those of quick wit, you may have already spotted an anagram, revealing a single letter initial and a surname [two separate words if you like], the initial being the first letter of the forename of the Queen of Egypt's lover. Rather disappointedly, the name you reveal is quite the opposite of a top hit, in what ever he attempted in life, in fact I consider him to be the bottom of the pile!

Over to you.