Point your mouse to any part of the line occupied by the  words HMS Ganges above. By pointing  it at the line and then lowering it down away from it,  you can change the picture of the Ganges ancient mariner for something of much greater interest!

The alternative picture is that of HMS Enchantress in 1912, a 4000 ton Admiralty Yacht used by the First Lord of the Admiralty [note, not the Sea Lords or the Civil Lord]  as his private yacht, although the Prime Minister, Asquith hitched a jolly ride quite often to get out of Downing Street. In 1912, the first Lord was none other than WINSTON CHURCHILL who arrived off  Shotley's Admiraty Pier to pay a visit to Shotley Barracks where he took the ceremonial divisions salute..

Changing subject but still staying nautical whilst recognising everyday terms, whereby a TOP HIT means the object under consideration is the very best!  Agree? 
If we add a word to these two words,  we can isolate a specific object, organisation or a person, for example top hit band - top hit arsenal or better still, pompey - top hit motor car and so on. In this case, I am, because of my oggie oggie oggie naval connection, going to add  'Lighthouse' for two reasons, one being that when in West'o waters, I enjoyed seeing the 4th Eddystone Lighthouse, but more importantly, courting on Plymouth Ho in the summer months under the shadow of a fellow Yorkshireman's now terra firma lighthouse, namely Smeaton's third Eddystone Lighthouse. Another name for a light house, albeit in French,  is PHARE, so, it's:-


To some of you ex Ganges boy's, those of quick wit, you may have already spotted an anagram, revealing a single letter initial and a surname [two separate words if you like], the initial being the first letter of the forename of the Queen of Egypt's lover. Rather disappointedly, the name you reveal is quite the opposite of a top hit, in what ever he attempted in life, in fact I consider him to be the bottom of the pile!

Over to you.