Reading is high on the agenda at our house, in fact, we read almost anything providing of course it is decent, and of interest.

Yesterday, we purchased a glossy magazine which tells us what is going on in our County.  As always [and regrettably] it has as much rubbish in it as good information, for like just about every 'glossy' it is at least fifty percent adverts, and as such, is really a waste of good money.

I am sure that you will agree that it is the front cover [its pictures and its text] which catch your eye, and if not that, a quick thumb through the contents page before purchasing.  On neither of these pages did I see anything to do with HMS GANGES .

Imagine therefore my surprise when nearing the end of the glossy,  I came across an article which was all about the HMS GANGES Association Museum. It said the same old things about the Museum - no complaints mind you - BUT, whoever wrote it, proof read it, or approved it, needs to sharpen up their act, for whilst free advertising is always welcome - keep it coming please - it was to say the least, a sloppy and ill [or mis] informed article.  The old axiom applies....if a job is worth doing it's worth doing well.

I have shown the salient features of my web page in the following pdf file.  In the [most welcome] short article, there are typos [rarely seen in good quality glossys which this certainly is - normally], a pedantic criticism and one GLARING mistake, which is enough to turn the stomach of an ex Ganges boy. The typos are the words <SOME for SO> and <2had for had>: grammar/syntax errors: Cadets were trained in Dartmouth and became officers: Ganges had boys, youths, HO's and juniors - NO cadets [other cadets are called sea cadets]:  and Ganges was towed away in 1929 and broken up in the Devonport evirons starting in May 1930. The biggest mistake turns our ships figurehead from MALE to FEMALE, from an Indian Prince to an Indian woman?  Whilst the fair sex gender might be suitable for the Mary Rose, the Princess Charlotte et al,  it is not appropriate for the all male environment of HMS Ganges, whether  a ship or a shore establishment.