Tit bits left over from my now abandoned researches into the old erstwhile juniors naval training establishment, in my time a boys training place and before all of that,  a boys + youths training establishment c. 1900-01.

They  are the left overs at the bottom of the suitcase once full to the brim with  Shotley Gate  and Falmouth data, so better on a small web page rather than being ditched.  After all, there was a time in the past where I botherd to get this info so pointless just binning it? 

So here we go, remembering there were SEVEN unique Ganges footprints making up the Ganges Establishment, which were Ganges Main, Ganges Annexe, Ganges Officers MQ's, and Rating MQ's Ganges Burial Ground,  Admiralty Pier/Jetty and  Ewarton House, the Captains married quarter in the distant [from Ganges Main] village of Ewarton.

1.  Where was Shotley Cliff and what parts of HMS Ganges fronted on to it?  Two areas!

2. Shotley Gate Caravan Park. Very close to SIO's territory.  Where was it and which  roadway gave access to?

3. Thinking about "POINTS" in close proximity to HMS Ganges.  Can you name at least two?

4.  Why was an area close to Pilots Beacon often out of bounds during certain instruction periods?

5. There was a piggery in the overall fenced off Ganges footprint. Where was it?

6.  Which Married Quarter [for a serviceman and his family] was inside the Ganges Main footprint ?

7.  Who lived in the premises called "Battery Cottages" also inside the Ganges Main footprint, and what was his primary function at Ganges?

8.  Four of the officers Married Quarters had names in which lived senior officers, as and when required, and when not required [because he wasn't married or accompanied for the duration of his appointment] by other officers by seniority. The officers using these houses were the Commander 'X' Second in Command, the Senior Instructor Officer a Captain schoolie, the Captain 'S' of the S&S sub-branches, and the P.M.O a Surgeon Captain. Can you name at least two of the four named properties. a FULL four marks if you can name all four.


The British theatrical partnership  Gilbert and Sullivan creators of comic operas one of which was HMS Pinafore, penned a song in which a recurring line says "now I am the Ruler of the Queen's Nav-ee". That leader, before it was disbanded in 1964, was called The First Lord of the Admiralty.  In 1879 in the House of Commons, he condoned the flogging and birching of naval boys. His family owned a business [and he, in his turn owned it before entering politics] which to this day in a well known high street company still bearing his name in full [initials and surname] which I never use nor would I ever lower my principles to make any purchases from. What is it or who is he?


And I am one story short of mustering up ten questions, so I was wondering whether to ask a general naval question, but reckoned that you could well know answers to topical questions  [as at end of March 2019 of course].  Ooops!  That leads into UK News and I can't find anything other than Brexit  -of course. Still, all is not lost and there is always room for a political bit of fun !!!

Can you tell me who Anna SEWERby [Oops sorry a typo] now supports - namely the new name for the Independents that formerly chose the title TIG [The Independent Group] at break away from parent parties? Answer = CHANGE UK [a vehemently anti British, pro EU party, and thoroughly N A S T Y as her real name of SOUBRY suggests]. HOWEVER, there's many ways to skin a cat, so the saying goes. As you say Soubry, CHANGE UK, so I have done. In the Morse Code the letters CHANGEUK are formed by 9 dashes and 13 dots. Rearranging the 9 and 13 into different letters [the change you want with munch venom]  I have come up with

dot dot

new word

 dot dot dash dot

dot dot dash

dash dot dash dot

dash dot dash

new word

dot dot dash

dash dot dash


and the same to you and your anti British and anti Democratic group of morons.

 And finally, why is Oliver LEFTWING like Geoffrey HOWE?  Answer - because he likes stabbing Tory female Prime Ministers in the back.