Oh, come back a champion of the Victorian/Edwardian Parliament, never mind the minds of Enoch Powell or of latter day realists like Nigel Farage! All others, with the notable exception of the  Iron Lady, Mrs Thatcher, are debarred from the very idea of this story. They, to a man and a woman, are whimps, traitors to the electorate, but as a stand alone, to the faithful of the Tory party in whose name Cameron has sold the country out, lock stock and barrel.

116 years ago, an MP called Sir Howard VINCENT came up with a fair and robust plan to stem the flow of immigration into the UK, largely from, guess where? - Poland of course.

I take my story from the  Times newspaper, but the print back then does not accord to the standards of 21st century digitisation, and to sell the story, I have had to retype it with modern fonts for your perusal.

This is that original story

IMMIGRANTS INTO THE UK AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURY, 19th-20th.pdf - you can use that if you want.

 BUT, you will be better off reading my retype here:-


Some excellent ideas here  particularly the immigrant house and the immigrant poll tax to pay for its operation: but other ideas also which I will leave to your imagination.

I'll wager, on a bet, that not one of the Tory parliamentarians has heard of Sir Howard, and isn't that the hub and centre of the ineptitude of this 2016 Government?

P.S. I very much like the luny-bin bit, but hasn't that now gone topsy-turvy? Shouldn't we read that the politicians should be incarcerated in asylums and not the immigrant? The immigrant should be transported home, without hurt or privation or loss of dignity, to be told that they have been misled and conned into their hapless and desperately sad situation by none other than International politicians, there in their high and mighty seats to line their own pockets without one second thinking about your dreadful and lamentable situation. When are we ever going to wake up. DEMOCRACY should work in our favour, but current, small 'd' democracy is a sham and should be put down by force if necessary by the caring classes.