Peter Godden

National Serviceman  and a man of Bristol

27th January 1947 to 30th March 1949



This is Peter when 19 years of age, taken in 1947 as a Air Radar Mechanic in the Fleet Air Arm.

The following table outlines Peter's time in the Royal Navy

27th January 1947 Called up for National Service. To HMS Royal Arthur Wiltshire for initial training.
February 1947 Transferred to HMS Gosling 3 Lancashire for task training.
March 1947 To HMS Ariel East near Warrington Cheshire for air radar training.
April 1948 To HMS Sanderling Renfrewshire [now Glasgow Airport].
14th June 1948 To HMS Merlin R.N.A.S. Donibristle to join 810 Squadron.
25th August 1948 Joined HMS Theseus for autumn cruise to South Africa. Click to enlarge Click on the picture.
14th December 1948 Disembark to HMS Daedalus Lee-on-Solent for Christmas leave.
11th January 1949 Embark on HMS Theseus for Spring cruise to Malta. Click to enlarge Click on the picture.
24th March 1949 Disembark to HMS Daedalus for demob.
30th March 1949 Demob to Leave expiring 25th April 1949

This is Peter's crossing the line certificate for the 8th of October 1948.

Every naval unit, whether ashore or afloat, issues its DAILY ORDERS. Normally
they are 'naval', very 'naval' but on the odd occasion, they are written for an event. What follows are the daily orders written for the 8th October 1948.

Note. The original is not suitable for scanning or the digital camera, so I am retyping it by hand.

Daily Disorders.
Tuesday Friday 8th October 1948
Dress of the day: Legs 11 negative seaboots
Officers: Couple of ducks negative goloshes
Extraequatorial Sea Routine

0000 Pipe watchmen. What, of the night?
0001 Wake watchmen and ask him
0303 Boys turn out
0307 Boys to the cookhouse door boys
0313 If eggs not fried, boys turn in
0325 Chief's and PO's tea in the sergeants mess.  No guard and steerage. No names no pack drill.
0347 Hands turn out
0348 Hands turn over
0349 Hands turn in
0350 Hands turn out again, call the roll, roll over, turn in turn out
0400 [If hands awake] Hands turn to, hands turn with, by or from [perhaps up]
0405 Action stations. Stand fast orlicons. Fire a fusillade
0410 Exercise DC state 99. Ordinary seamem plug shot holes
0500 [If hands have not turned out by this time]  Belay all preceding pipes.
0605 Stokers toll the bell ...naval airmen go to --------------
0650 Up spirits
0650 Down spirits
0651 Draw lime juice. Down lime juice. Up lime juice.
0700 Call the hands. Call the telephone exchange. Close interceptors. Open bathrooms
0725 Away all boats. Special punting party man the copper punt
0729 Boats crew change round
0730 Hands to supper.  All work will now cease for the day. Belay the last pipe.
0830 Ship open to visitors
x0900 Royal guard and band to muster on the after list [lift down]
x0910 Royal visitors muster on the forward lift [lift down]
x0920 King Neptune his Queen and their cohorts rise on forward lift [perhaps]. Received by Commander and First Lieutenant [if they have not fallen into the lift well] Royal guard and band
x0930 Captain and Admiral welcome royal visitors with a few well chosen words
x0945 Presentation of honours and awards
x1000 King Neptune's defaulters. Dress for officers - picnic rig
1030 Heaven knows what!
1159 Court will rise [if they can]
1200 Hands to breakfast. Pipe leave.  Leave will be only given by  special invitation of King Neptune to non-swimmers who can hold their breath for 3 hours.  Hands to break and trend clothes
1230 List the ship. Caulk the seam. Kick the bucket. Take the can [ a gratuitous issue of one bottle will be made to each mess]
1231 Clocks will be advanced 5 hours 31 minutes
1802 Both watches for exercise fall in on Admirals stern walk.  Cheer ship.
1930 Cinema for ship's company in the foc'sle locker
2105 Rounds - round and round the mulberry bush
2130 Wipe down
2230 Pipe down. Clear ship of mermaids not yet water borne

x = Correct times to be reported to King Neptune

Signed. C. Bones  Commander RN [gone nuts]


Duty Lt Cdr Gone away Duty GM Gone with the wind
OOD Gone ashore Duty Elect Gone to earth
Mid of the Watch Gone for a drink Duty NCO Gone to the devil
Duty E.O. Gone up in smoke Duty PO Just gone [back in 10 minutes]
Duty Medical Officer Gone sick Duty Watch Midships..steady as she goes


1. All men are to be careful and wear their best suits. They are bound to get ruined, and there are no more in slops.
2. Once you have been initiated you automatically become an ally of King Neptune and seek out the uninitiated.

Peter died in late November 2010.  His funeral took place in Bath on the 2nd of December. He was 82.