Now this is a little different to Jack [a sailor] sitting around with his mates telling outlandish porky-pies better known as swinging the lamp.  As the ship 'rolls', so does the lamp above 'swing'.

Essentially, this is an MP, a former naval sailor, eventually gaining a commission, telling a captive audience of fellow MP's [some ex senior naval officers] but the majority civilians, about his time in the navy, mostly on the lower deck but also one of two officer experiences. His input is during a discussion on Naval Estimates - money matters and the amounts to be budgeted for, to keep the navy efficient.

It is an interesting read, but if you only want to read his experiences, then scroll down until you see RED TEXT during the time period 6.33PM to 6.58PM. The MP's name is Mr MALLIALIEU [Huddersfield MP]