This page will shortly be transferred to its new home which is the Communications Branch Museum

in HMS Collingwood, and when transferred it can be found under a new name of ROYAL_NAVY_BITS_AND_PIECES_OF_PRESS_SNIPPET_FROM_MY_PENDING_BOX_ 2028270738  on this web site

by searching in the various SNIPPET TABS presented.


Countless thousands of Communicators, far more than any other branch, trained at HMS Ganges, so it is

fitting that some Ganges Pages will appear on this Museum web site.  Both the Communications Branch

and HMS Ganges are on the list of Communicatorís alma maters.


The Curator and webmaster of that Comms Site is an ex WARRANT OFFICER RADIO SUPERVISOR [WORS], one KEN SUTTON who now owns all copyrights and publishing rights to all my former works, gifted in their entirety, unreservedly and unequivocally to him by name and appointment .



Thank you


November 2020