Sadly but very true and lamentable!

The French and the Americans have carriers in the Gulf area, with the American's also using the air base in Incirlik  Turkey; the Russian have Syrian air bases, the Iranian's, Turks and Jordanian's when required have their nearby land bases, but we pathetic Brits, air strike-wise, have ageing RAF aircraft in far way Cyprus. Others are purposely missed out of my list for their loyalties are unknown and enigmatic chiefly Saudi Arabia who are thought to be the paymaster of the IS along with other Gulf States!  

There can be no defence for Britain being without strike carriers and fixed wing aircraft for so many many years, and what we are doing, creditable though it is for the pilots and aircrew of our old out of date RAF aircraft, is pathetic and embarrassing. We are asking others to fight our quarter, and that is very un-British and HIGHLY controversial!

With strike carriers in the Gulf equipped with modern aircraft we could have pulled our weight at this critical time [mid November 2015] but we can't and won't and we are lacking in international credibility. Pray God that our Allies flying without us, can perform as well as if we had been there.

I go to bed this evening

After hours of viewing the screening

Of countless images of shocking deeds

Killing and terrorising those most in need.


That’s chiefly in the middle east

But now Europe  at large,

With dear Paris bleeding,

Isn’t now the time to be unyielding?


Just why do we pull apart

On issues which should bond us together

And surely friend Russia is better onboard

To fight the evil bastards with one accord?


To fight, what do I mean

When others commit their all

Yet we, without a fleet air arm

Can offer only a cyber shortfall?


We should be thoroughly ashamed

That through lack of defence spending

We come to this, when other countries take the piss

That we cannot take part in the destruction abyss.


What have we to offer but a few old airframes

Not a lot politically, but much from our air crews

Who must lament our lack of resources

To help destroy the evil Islamic forces.


Yours aye