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1 Honours Board and Plaques - CHECKED CORRECT abbreviated to CC.
2 Admiral Beresford - CC
3 HMS Aphrodite - 3rd para, last line, BOUND for Cyprus
4 The Red, White and Blue Ensigns - CC
5 Flying the White Ensign - CC
6 Things in Common - CC
7 Update to Stories of Lord mountbatten - Below the picture of the close up of the green painted cross, text beginning whether the bombed boat,,,,,,, 3rd line HARBOUR.  Under picture of the harbour, 2nd para beginning whilst in Enniskillen, 3rd line, dreadfully sad was THAT case.
8 The Mountbatten Statue -  CC
9 F1 task force poster - CC
10 Newspaper cuttings - CC
11 W/T in the RN circa 1901 - CC
12 Boredom can do funny things CC
13 The diamond jubilee - CC
14 The Europa Story - CC
15 HMS Ganges selection process - Approx half way down page Red Asterisk "Tintagel Castle along with Vanquisher...."  in that line, alter Approached to Approaches.
16 How to insult your captain - towards bottom "the second being..." Table d-n, in d THEM
17 A mutiny but not Invergordon - text approx one thid of page down screen left hand side, "your tender parts..." next line down towards end change IT to ITS
18 Submarine Warfare - CC
19 Funeral of Lord Mountbatten CRS NED Davies - CC
20 History of Rum Ration - CC.  However my story, not based on common web pages but direct from admiralty papers researched by me at TNA is the full and official story of rum in the RN and other organisations as well.  Do you want it?
21 Accelerated Advancement - CC
22 Burial at Sea - CC
23 Tour of Pompey Dockyard - after 2nd para picture of Unicorn Gate, it shows a thumbnail but not its expanded picture.  After the animated tour of the north of Queen Street , 1st para, line 1, change 4 to an apostrophe in COMPLETES

1st RN Battle of the Falkland Islands - 1st para 2nd line, GUTSY. 4TH line change to read that the first R.N. Battle in the waters of the Falklands has no parallel  or precedent. 17th para, "The loss to Britain was slight..." line 8, PENT UP and not penned up. 18th para,  starting with I would suggest  that you read, In this para before opening the story, in line 17 put a space between Royal and Navy.


25 The Portsmouth Gun - CC
26 The RN and John Player - CC
27 HMS Cheviot - CC
28 Portsmouth dockyard panic stations - CC
29 The origin of the Union Jack - CC
30 Herbert Lott story - para 2 3rd line - space between history and whilst.  Para 8 line 23, right hand side five streets, instead of fives streets.
31 Wat Tylers Suitcase -  CC
32 The Aden withdrawal - CC
33 The Pussers clock - CC
34 Edwardian Navy - CC
35 The last figurehead - CC
36 Courts Martials - CC
37 HIJMS KONGO - paragraph three quarters down your screen beginning like almost every USN - 8th line - remove bracket sign after submarines.
38 Analysis  of a RAS - 1ST TABLE, bottom under cells containing data [my addition for interpretation 1st line change Victoria to Victorian.
39 HMS Victory - stories 1 to 6, Story 6 - in the title add - WAS after Which.  Story 2. Lord Nelson's last word death and autopsy - last line MY comment. Story 5 the 1805 log book of HMS Victory 2nd para line 11, for along read ALONE.
40 Kingsley Union Flag - last para, towards the bottom of page 1st line CEMETERY. Also 1st para 3rd line CEMETERY.  6th para 3rd line behalf OF.  Other names missing in list of those others who were killed after Williamson,
41 The 1953 Coronation Review - Parts One and Two missing.  3rd para from bottom of page "in conclusion" end of line 1 change [let's to [Let's.  In Golden Morse Key, in the last main paragraph, 4th line, used AND by. Last para , and MANY  loyal
42 English, British or Neither - in the Scottish petition under The petition dealt with several matters 1 to 8, number 8 bottom line upon Scotlands SHARE of founding
43 stern flags - CC
44 Royal Naval Division - after picture RND Souvenir  No 2 HMS Palace and a para with two further pages, on the next line amend four to read FIVE pictures.
45 The Royal Navy and the BBC Radio Light Programme -
Second para after diagram 1st line delete 7ensp;  Last para 1st line change jul to July.
46 HMS HOOD - 4th para "so what follows should" 2nd line 'click here' [and when your Adobe reader opens - Ooops no hyperlink to click on !!  Under heading now let us move onto her full radio communications fit - 5th line of 1st para under this heading change morse code to read Morse code [or Code].  Next after the manning table new para 2nd line change budget to BUDGETTING. Immediately at the bottom of the equipment fit table delete the right pointing arrow.
47 Mountbattens Funeral [Jeff Dykes] - after the animation route diagrams [scroll down some distance to a small picture of the Royal Household Staff all dressed in their finery, mounted, whose horses were pulling the Queens funeral carriage, with the Queen's coffin covered with a large pure white throw overlaid by her Royal Standard. In the next para 7th line down there is a hyperlink pointing to 'Portsea OS Map 1898'.  Click on that link which opens a multi page explanation of some importance. Scroll to the 5th page and the 2nd para on it. There I mention that I have drawn a diagram which explains the train journey to Windsor's Eton and Slough railway station.  That para should have a hyperlink to this page and some of the detail missing which shows the diagram I am referring to. The page as currently configured does have part only of the information resident in the link above so it is half right let's say!  If you click on the above you will see what is missing and from it, all you need to do is to copy and add pages 3 and 4 only to the existing page published and then create a URL to the page made by joining together two sections as explained on the second para outlined above.
Picture of the Queens Colour for the RN plus others.  When pointing to anyone of the pictures on the main screen, a right pointing arrow appears on screen,  Can this be taken off please? 
After the URL pointing to the official order of ceremony, para 9, I have mentioned The Queens Chapel 2nd line to which Queen if refers.  Change that if to IT.
Westminster Abbey Order of Funeral Service.  Note underneath should read Page 4 blank, Page 9 blank and page 14 blank.  There are two copies of Page 8 published and one needs to be deleted please.
48 White, British and Tory -  CC
49 Ships Bdges and Crests -  CC