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1. HM Signal School Part 1 - can you centre the main story on the page throughout, plus each and every story within accessed by internal links?  Thanks.
2. HM Signal School Part 1 - In Morris Airey's obituary can you divorce the end of the obit from the start of my deliberations please by doing the following. On the line 'valves, an important part of which - after attention." Can you add in end of Obituary, then a couple of blank lines before despite my profound searches......etc begins.
  In the British warship and other interesting radio callsigns -penultimate para before Listen to the following sound file - last line first word - change morse to Morse.
  After the Barracks WRENS link and after the story about HMS Mercury's gift to the Barracks - in the line A few more pictures can you alter picture to pictures.
In PART 1 after the block diagram showing the route boys took to become telegraphists,  towards the bottom of the page, there is a snippet which is difficult to read. Can you teak the setting to make the text darker in colour? The snippet starts PERSONNEL. Training of Telegraphists.
  Again towards the bottom of the page there are three links spread across the page viz, Yesterdays Marathon - Newspaper Cuttings and Warships in Port. In the text below 3rd section beginning In the 1930S, pse change that to 1930's,
3. HM Signal School Part 2. Same again for central aignment in story and in link.
Virtually at the bottom of the Part 2 page there are two quotes one from Admiral Jellicoe and one from Admiral Beatty.  Both are missing!
4. New Broom. One of the ideas I had was to challenge peoples knowledge about a certain ship where everybody, officer and ratings, has their own ensuite single cabins, to almost shock people into the sincerity of that possibility! I pointed out HMS Scott under the 1998 afloat accommodation story.  In the paragraph now I can begin, is it possible to put a little pointer to the 1998 Scott story  under Afloat Accommodation at the end of the text would you be surprised? before you offer up the table. Incidentally I like the way your have presented the many files concerned - it looks good and I thank you for that. 
5. Naval Prisons and DQ's. First can you centrallyaling thext text as for Serial 1 above. Then a bit confused about your start Ken. It should start with this title.  it is a one part/page story but you start with Part 2?  This how it should start

6. Naval Prisons and DQ's.  Paragraph after the end of the Napoleon Wars, 3rd line down - pse alter to read USA, and after the 1815  French defeat at Waterloo. Smaller.......
7. Naval Prison and DQ's.  Because its a long read after mentioning the name STEVENS [the beast] and people might not read on to the reason I am mentioning him, would it be possible to do two things. First, in para 'by the time  F H Stevens......... could you go bold font and underline from By to ship in upper casing and then  Second add at the end of the para "See below to para   "In October 1866 less that three months after leaving HMS GANGES........"  That will focus ex Ganges minds on this beast of an officer, and may keep their interest !!
8. Things in common - Checked correct
9. Figurehead -Checked correct
10. Many pages need to be centralised pse ! - I won't keep repeating them.
11. The dark days of 1943 -Checked correct
12. Royal Naval Division - Previously checked
13. RC Models - Checked correct
14. Officers Structure - a part of the WO pages do we need it separately here?
15.   The MOUNTBATTEN Memorial Statue at FOREIGN GREEN - Previously checked
16. Kingsley Union Jack - Previously checked
17. HMS Ganges Selection Process - Previously checked
18. Herbert Lott Story - Previously checked
19. ENGLISH BRITISH NEITHER - Previously checked
20. Casing Party hated Sparker - Checked correct
21. Walter Elliot Biography - Checked correct
22. A pilgrimage to Burnham Thorpe - Previously checked
23 First RN Battle of the Falklands - Previously  checked
24. Officer's Sructure the line on the non executive side under warranted leading to rn badges 1930-1980 htm does not function.
25. Things in common -Checked correct
26. Disturbances at RNB Portsmouth 1905 - Checked corret
27. Pussers Clock - Previously checked