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1 Callsigns/Pennant No's 1891-1964 CHECKED AND CORRECT = CC
2 Comms Electronics and Satellite Chronology - CC
3 Cryptography - 5th para line 10, remove full stop after authorities. 8th para line 1, add FOR after which.  After the Suez - A communications overview URL, 5th para "On Tyne's retrurn to the UK, 7th line, delete communications and add communicated.  After the 2nd mention of a Suez URL, in para "as to our fortunes" 2nd para, Each rotar main body, 33rd line starting with "be transmitted]" - change ROUTING to Routeing ,,,,,,,,I know the golden rule is to drop the 'e' and add 'ing' but routing is an Americanism - what do you think Ken - routing or routeing? I'll go with your choice on this one!  The last word in this paragraph also applies to this question posed.  Now scroll some distance down to arrive at paragraph "The British system could be compromised.  5th line, change system to systems. Cold war machinery Cryptography.  Scroll down to URL the RN's  first operational cryptographic machine and open it. One the page 'keeping secrets' scroll a very short distance to a picture with an associated piece of text over to its right. Demote the word Primary to a non URL colour by changing its colour to black text. Scroll to I am wearing my Blue Peter Hat, 8th line down, change - 90 and -  into two separate entries.

4 Maintaining W/T Equipment - CC
5 Under SATCOMS - Details of SSC 002 and 003 missing - not shown.  Thumbnail picture used for the picture "this is what a nato satellite looked like"  its associated enlarged picture is missing !  Picture URL directly underneath the text paragraph "Now have a look at this picture again" is missing altogether thumbnail and full picture?  Para "Now we ask you"  as also the picture beneath this para missing.  In this para,  line 7 footprint to read footprints.
6 Suez War - CTF 345 and CTF 311 - CC
7 WaT not WHAT ! -  CC
8 The story of RATT part II -  CC
9 Aerial party on a strike carrier - CC
10    'Comms Branch Management - Can I suggest that we put the URL at the end of the brief introduction warning readers that it is a 122 page document.  As such I propose it follows "Good luck.  Now click on the PDF. Hope you agree Ken?
11 Keeping Secrets -  Covered in Serial 3 above so CC to this Serial.
12 Malta and all 'Comms together -  Ken, didn't you like my little animated ship/establishments of Malta merry go round?  I noticed that you had converted it into a table.  No grumbles buddy - looks good and much neater than my attempt. It also negates the long wait for merry go round to complete and also get's rid of the mention of  the Lascaris Association. A truly foolhardy bunch of lads and lasses. For years they had a good web presence and then they dropped that in favour of a Facebook page only. Shortly after that the Association failed [mostly wrens] and folded. As a guest writer [I was a member by the way] I provided them with some quality inputs including animations. 
13 Flag signalling 1901 - CC
14 Suez War 'Comms Overview - On the picture of Tyne entering Grand Harbour and upon clicking on it to enlarge it it opens up the abiliity to see 1 of 3 pictures. Can than be stood down leaving just the Tyne please. However, the same request DOESN'T apply when the picture of the French Battleship  Jean Bart appears with the opportunity to view 1 of 12 pictures and that should remain extant. Thanks.  In the para below Jean Bart's picture showing, 2nd line space after 93714 bytes]. Heavy....... Approx half way down the page and upon seeing GNT Model 2206, in the text line above it,  delete 'emsp;'.  In the para below GNT Model 2206 place a space in the word on board, i.e. not onboard in the last line.
15 The Days pre wireless 'comms - approx half way down the page to para "what follows is a very quick look..."  Delete this paragraph altogether  because it is repeated word for word just below. Having deleted it, look to the text between the two pictures. Third line, put a full stop after the word Enlarge.
16 British warships and other interesting Radio Callsigns, extant 1930-1931 period.  1. Is there any chance of changing the font style and/or size to something more easier to read? Why I ever chose this one is beyond me today, these many years on!  2.  Two paragraphs above the Hood's initial Enemy Report  [LR1] - First of those two para's  "So, below I have stated..." line 2, the words 'Hood sighting Bismarck.wav' have not been given a hyperlink to click on. Click here  to see a ready made .mp4 file to replace the.wav file.
17 Bunting Tossers -CC
18 Refit Training HMS Sheffied - DELETE the URL HMS Sheffied -Training in Refit. Add in its place just one page from the original pdf just deleted i.e.  refittraining.pdf.  Follow this by adding the WORD FILE  Sheffield  Visit report.docx.  I was amazed at the dire quality of this file's URL and was ashamed that I had asked you to transfer it. I have completely reformatted it and retyped it so that it is 100% readable. An important story given that she was sunk in action not that long after my inspection! The report was typed [if one can call it that] by our departmental wren RO called "Clubber Lulu" for her dancing reputation or so it was stated.
19 Early days of 'comms branch - Note 1 Signor Marconi line 7 SOMETIMES. In the explanation of the Hector line 14 HAD not. Line 22 of Note 5 BY a motion. Line 23 replace = sign with a hyphen.
20 Lord Mountbatten's Signalling Lamp - CC
21 Signalmen and Telegraphists and their badges  -  CC
22 The versatile telegraphist - CC
23 World Communications - in the table showing callsigns and geographical locations, scroll to GYQ HMS Dolphin and change the frequency to 4340 kHz or kc/s in earlier times.



In Memory - name Ingram change to CYoS  - name Wielird add a 't' to telegraphist -  name WITHINGTON   F.Y.I. Only.  Kevin died in a RTA on the A3 coming back to Mercury. He was in Kelly Squadron and I was his DO as K6 in Norfolk Division. I took a party of coffin bearers in the Kelly Squadron minibus to Birmingham and witnessed an extremely fraught funeral!  His mother threw herself on the coffin in an attempt to stop it sliding through the curtain towards to cremator.

Comms Branch COTERIE - CC

Under the heading in your Snippet Commuications Menu  'Iron Duke Suitable W/T fit? ' on clicking,  you show instead 'The Royal Navy and the BBC Radio Light Programme' ? and there is no mention of either SUBJECT really?  - In the ITV4 slot there is a click here but no hyperlink?  Any ideas. After 'does this image' - no picture!  I can find no model of the Iron Duke as stated on the first line of text after the heading Now End of non-Technical Speak? Confused because no mention of the Iron Duke's purpose and no diagram of the naval programme broadcasted to the general public over the Light Programme? This is the Iron Duke story
  and this the BBC story
27 Phonetic Alphabet -  CC
28 Sparks and Sparkers - CC
29 An American VLF Site or was it? - the text is out of kilter with the story  because it refers to my second map but the second  map wasn't transferred. Either it should or the text altered accordingly. The URL below shows the original story! The two maps together show where North West Cape actually is. I don't think there is any need to show the URL 'Communication Station Harold E Holt'
30 Morse reception exercises -  CC
31 The Golden Morse key - below the picture of the Queen, 3rd line down, change 'an' to AND. 
Preston E WILLSON - Ken would be grateful if you could add the following to this story as Tugg was a dear friend of mine and I wouldn't like to see this story dropped. Thanks in anticipation. "This page was written many moon ago to the delight of Tugg and his wife Brenda now sadly a widow who lives in Lee on the Solent. Unfortunately Tugg [he liked the two G's to match his two L's] passed away on the 5th March 2018.  A well known communicator". Please alter the date of the real turtle hitching a lift on a pussers grey to 1896. 
33 Cold War Machine Cryptography - covered in Serial 3 above

34 Jutland and its Communicators - after 4th para and list of ships communicators - second line ON BOARD.  Continue scrolling down the page until you come to Warrant Telegraphist Samuel LEWINGTON.  1st line, put a space after the word W/T. Scroll down to approx four fifths your screen to para 'Incidentally, in Paris sat the French Supremo' and in line 4 change onboard to ON BOARD.
35 RUGBY Transmitter - nearing the half way point down your screen look for the paragraph 'Since there are 6 types of diesel electrics' - line 6 -  change 'that' to 'than' . In table half way down page, column used with, 1.  delete left point arrow behind title 2. Change 686 block diagram to 696 etc.  Below the table in para commencing with 'I gave some indication' - 5th line, Morse code, also Line 10. Para beginning ' Schedules though....' lines 3 Morse in two places and Line 7.  Para beginning 'Just before that start of a ...' Line 2 Morse. para 'if we had a new message' Line 4 Morse. 

Still  in Serial 35. Ken can you please add this little WORD FILE after 'See also 'A'Class Boat fit.'

The German submarines got a leg up when in 1943 they switched on their VLF transmitter called the Goliath.docx
36 Signals sent by a submarine - CC
37. V/S and infra red light -  CC
38. RATT Part I - Scroll down until arriving at this para 'For a short introduction to RATT.....'  At the start of the first line of the next para, delete EMSP;     Scroll down to para ' this is clearly not the same' 4th line, delete the word THE before the word either.  para 'coming back to the machine bit' line 5, after 7 delete the question mark and add the symbol. Para 'it is an over simplification', line 8, change to read a speed of 45 bauds [60 wpm].......Para 'now staying with RATT 1 we move on to' after 4th line of text the WRONG PICTURE IS SHOWN of the Ratt 2 fit. This is inevitable for it's the only picture available so I propose this change.

Add after the 'Ratt summary of data' 'URL'. Note that the two systems sitting side by side Broadcast and two fix tones intership, ship-shore/shore ship UHF RATT, were dubbed RATT1 and the picture inside the URL states that important point. When later on in this page, you see EXACTLY the same picture now called RATT [2] it is merely starting a new section leading to enhancements, pointing out that this is where we left off from at the end of Part 1. Now scroll down to the picture of a Standard RATT Bay just before Part 2 starts and add in just before the picture. The end product of a basic RATT system was called RATT 1 and now, when about to start Part 2  we have changed it to RATT2 with additions  to head up Part 2.  After the title 'this is what the 'new' RATT Bay looked like after the makeover' delete the exisiting picture and insert this picture in lieu   and to the right of it [or underneath] the picture of the bottom original Ratt 1 Bay [below].  Apart from taking 2 receivers away from the top shelf they are more or less identical but  with several important subtle differences. Add that they are for comparison  and that the following existing text would help them to understand the differences between RATT 1 and RATT 2. Ratt 1 4 x receivers top shelf Ratt 2 2 x receivers top shelf. Ratt 1 one 6s6 autohead Ratt 2 two 6s6 autoheads, Ratt 2 the "magic" plug ad patchfield hanging underneath top shelf in centre picture position giving access to HF transmitters for FSK working or to the two tone modulator for UHF Ratt top left in both cases. In both 1 and 2, a Morse and Voice bay bottom right under Ratt broadcast convertor/comparator with typewriter for Morse typing, Morse key and voice control unit under the B41 LF/VLF Ratt broadcast receiver. Normal configuration 1 T/P for Ratt working either UHF Two Tone/or HF FSK and 1 T/P for Ratt Broadcast reception. Left hand 6s6 for UHF Ratt and right hand 6S6 for HF FSK working. 
 From the para below remove the sentence "If you have read WAVE.