Snagging - Snippets


Note  a comment may be shown with a resolution of upper or lower casing, but it should be altered if necessary to fit in with the text.
1 Willis Shooting Trophy - CC but still think the lieutenant in bottom picture is WEST !  CC = Checked Correct
2 HMS Mercury's Post Mistress - CC
3 Honours Boards and Plaques - CC
4 POW and Lady Diana visit in 1981 - CC
5 Mercury Field Gun - Several references to the word BULLET to be found in the 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th paras. In all cases this should be amended to read CARTRIDGE.
6 1st Female First Lieutenant - CC
7 HMS Mercury Captains - Captain Brook details URL not working.  In Captain Howes details 4th para Naval Warfare.  Add - Private papers of Captain Bromely-Martin RN Private papers of Bromley-Martin.docx - Add Captain Roger Morgan RN.docx Add He was the author of Signal Captain barrie kent.jpeg. Add captain John  A C Henley RN.docx, Add Alexander  Henry Charles Gordon-Lennox.docx , Add Lieut Cdr John R B Longden awarded OBE.docx NOTE I can't find anything else about Captain Longden other than this high honour of a wartime OBE for his part in sinking the Bismarck and I believe we need something for each officer in this section - DO YOU AGREE? AND Pse ADD alsofor LONGDEN JOHN LONGDEN  NAVY LIST ENTRY.docx, Add david vaughan  NAVY LIST ENTRY.docx and d v morgan lon gaz.docx, ADD John Rae.docx AND Rae McKaig.docx.. That concludes our captain's entries.
Hermes v Mercury - Scroll don to the gold coloured staff under the words "This staff [despite the ornate graphics].....Look to lines 4 and 5 below this point and delete the second "as well" leaving just one "as well". Otherwise pas  a CC.
9 Ships with the name Mercury - approx halfway down the page here is a short para which has been repeated twice.  It starts with "However the truth of the matter [which will shortly be revealed in full]......" - one needs to be deleted.  Three quarters down the page there are two URL's presented one "Courts Marshals in WW2" and the second "Definition of Hazarding and Losing".  The first URL doesn't work.   At the VERY BOTTOM OF THE PAGE, the much promised and repeated throughout the text of seeing the URL for the Courts Martial of the CO of HMS Mercury is not there !
10 A life in the WRNS - CC
11 Origin of the Communicator - CC
Christmas Cards - Bottom of page two named entries shown in RED font - any good reason ?
13 Droxford Road knicker Patrol - Road map after the 4th para, pse change the text in the last line of the 4th para to read "....layout at the approach and main entrance into HMS Mercury". Para "Behind it and neatly tucked in...." line 18 add the and upper fully clothed.  After the map showing one the road route between Soberton and East Meon in the text beginning "Anyway back to the reason...." 2nd line, add between mess and was"  [the one onto which a light aircraft fell and exploded in flames in 1958 - see 'Aircraft crashed on Wrenery' in this same snippet]. I have had to correct a couple of typos/spelling mistakes on the Establishment Map at bottom of page. Please therefore delete existing Map  and replace it with this Map 

14 Mercury Churches -  The Establishment Map is wrong for it shows 'D' as being Kelly Squadron Offices instead of Mess's, so please delete that Map and insert this Map in lieu


Aircraft crashes on Wrenery - Ken I continued my searches for a better map to support this story.  None was forthcoming so I have designed an add on to the story to circumvent that rather fussy and congested map. Hope you like it and can use it.  The original will have to stay and this will be an additional guided tour to the inside of the old garage courtyard complex. In the existing story and after the map now showing please add this which should avoid confusion. The map below [which is my new proposal] is the cropped bottom half of the picture just viewed, prepared to help you understand Mercury's build back in 1958. Then add the content of this DOC.X file. A guided tour to our rather congested map but regrettably we can find no other.docx
15 Silver Ware - CC
16 Fire pump Dennis - CC
Mercury the Badge - CC