For more years than most of us can remember now, Christmas time was a time when naval communicators [and others in other services but not of interest to us today on this page] painstakingly composed intricate and complicated pictures and cards. It involved the use of all the keys on the teleprinter keyboard [alpha numeric as well as punctuation and control keys] and resulted in stunning [not to mention clever] teleprinter images. Simultaneously, a paper tape was cut which was an exact facsimile of the teleprinter page copy and this was used to send the images around the world.  Get up from your chair and walk some distance from your screen to get a better view. Close up, you can see the size of the task and the necessary skill and time to achieve it all. Note that Winston Churchill's image is done by repeating the two words time after time, with a little bit of overprinting in certain areas.

Here are just three examples for you to enjoy.


This picture was created down under in a joint effort by the RAN and the RNZN and it shows Mercury the Messenger of the Gods.
Note the Kiwi middle left and the Kangaroo bottom right. There are also pencil marks probably used during the compilation.