An interesting newspaper snippet made by me into four convenient Windows Media Files, which talks about the Kaiser's [Wilhelm II] 21st birthday. The article is self explicit but of interest, specifically the detail about his navy, his officers and the conditions of comfort within his warships, all this just five years from a shocking war and seven years from Jutland. Our ships of course, quote Admiral Beatty, had something 'bloody' wrong with them! Perhaps George V should have been allowed a more pragmatic involvement with HIS ships.

Although the article was a 'contribution' to the publisher and not written in-house, the publisher nevertheless claims copyright.  The publisher was the New Straits Times Newspaper of Singapore, which has archived the story under its "Royal Navy in Singapore" section.

 Open each file in turn and WAIT for it to clear itself of overlays so that you can read it properly. It is designed for slowish readers, and will close automatically after a time. When it does, close down the PLAYER OPTION window and then open the next file to completion OR just click on the next file at any time.

KAISER Birthday 1

KAISER Birthday 2

KAISER Birthday 3

KAISER Birthday 4