If you like reading factual history about the Royal Navy then I recommend you read two books written by the same author, a man called Daniel Owen Spence.

This is he 

and this is a potted biography of him

Daniel Owen Spence is an Imperial and maritime historian. He is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of the Free State, Innovation Scholar with the National Research Foundation of South Africa, and a Fellow of the African Studies Centre, *Leiden University. Utilising a transnational maritime approach, his research elucidates the role of colonial navalism in propagating imperial ideologies and reinforcing British power, its impact upon indigenous societies, cultures and identities, and the influence of naval development in decolonisation, post-colonial politics, Commonwealth relations and nation-building. * Leiden is in southern Holland.

The books are:-

A history of the Royal Navy.  The British Empire and Imperialism


Colonial Naval Culture and British Imperialism

They of course will cost you unless you source them  from a public library or source them  on line, but his university thesis for a Doctor or Philosophy comes free of charge and can be found on this URL

Shura, his UK University, stands for Sheffied Hallam University Research Archive and it is published [2012] to the internet by Ann Arbor [a municipality of Michigan USA] - a real cosmopolitan effort of UK, USA and South African influence, possibly also Dutch?

Be warned, it is a thesis and as such a little longer than most pages you will encounter and an academic piece,  so if necessary have a dictionary or a thesaurus to hand, but stick with it for overall it is a good and informative read!

 Start your read at the beginning down to page [ix]. Continue through the General Introduction pages 1 to 17. Page 1 repeats some of the detail to be found also in the Abstract on page [ii] giving one a déjà vu feeling. Continue on from page 18; enjoy and learn.

Yours aye.