Today, we hear more and more of our navy in the media which can only auger well for the Service. I am writing this page as the Nation enjoys the Christmas 2011 "All I want for Christmas" video, made by the crew of HMS Ocean to show to their families who were not scheduled to be part of Ocean's festive celebration.  That they are now, is a wonderful treat for the many families involved.

However, it would have been better had HMS Bulwark supplanted HMS Ocean in this endeavour, for this video is a first [bearing in mind the intended absence of the ship away on duty on the high seas] as was HMS Bulwark in 1955 on the 26th May when she was the first RN ship used to transmit a live BBC Radio programme which was followed by the first TV programme ever made on one of Her Majesty's Ships.


A Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012 to all my readers.