Many years ago, I wrote about The Queen's Colour which can be found in this file either clicking on or scrolling down to Story No 6 within that file.

The Queen's Colour is just that when considering parochial naval matter [e.g., Portsmouth and nowhere else] but when considering pan-navy, it is very much The Queen's Colours for there are many of them. Every Command had one, every Branch had one {submarine service, fleet air arm etc}, every Commonwealth Navy had one, and every Station had one except for.........Read on for an event which happened in 1957.

The Queen's Colour was shipped out to Singapore in HMS Diana from Devonport in 1956, and was presented on the 23rd September 1957. At 1900 on Saturday 2nd October 1971, the Far East Queen's Colour was transferred from HMS Terror to HMS Eagle for passage back to the UK where it was laid-up in Portsmouth's Dockyard in St Anne Church, referred to as the Navy's [or naval] Cathedral.